Alpha produces aircraft that meet the specific requirements of Aero Clubs, Flying Schools and private owner/operators, by offering first class flight characteristics on an affordable platform with proven 'high availability' (ie low downtime) characteristics.

Certified to plus-6 /minus-3 Gs, the Alpha 160A and the top of the line 160Ai are extremely capable aerobatics aircraft, much loved by students and experience pilots alike.

The 160A and 160Ai are powered by the Lycoming 0-320 D2A and AEIO-320 D2B respectively and are rated at 160hp. Quite simply, they offer unparalleled performance in their class.

The Alpha 120T basic trainer is derived from the Alpha 160A and offers the same crisp handling qualities as the Alpha 160, but with more modest operating costs, through utilisation of the Lycoming 0-235 Series (118hp) power plant.

These remarkable, hard working trainers are responsive and highly manoeuvrable aircraft. These rugged, all-metal, conventionally constructed, single piston engined, 2-seaters offer a superior flying experience and are therefore equally at home in a training role, or as fast, cross country cruisers.

"Instructors and students will love the harmonised controls and predictable handling characteristics."  
Don't just take our word for it. We'll be happy to put you in touch with an owner/operator, then arrange a test flight so you can make your own judgement. Just call or email us for further details.

The Alpha Series Trainers offer:

1. Proven Design
2. Low Acquisition Cost
3. Economy
4. Excellent Handling and Stability
5. Versatility
6. Superior Service and Parts Support
7. Conventional Construction Offering:
Known Durability
Ease of Maintenance

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