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The manuals listed below may be purchased by faxing or emailing your request to the address identified at the bottom of this page. To assist us keep our records up to date, please include Aircraft Model, Serial Number and Registration Number. Below Alpha Part Numbers are for copies of CD's. Please ref Service Letter AA-SL-04-001 for the full list of publications available and their revision status.

 Aircraft Flight Manuals

Number Alpha P/N Model Serial No applicable
AIR 2702 AAA049 R2160
AIR 2748 AAA022 R2120u
AIR 2846 AAA053 R2160i
AIR 2960 AAA055 HR200-100
AIR 2961 AAA057 HR200-100s
AIR 2962 AAA059 HR200-120
AIR 2963 AAA061 HR200-120B Up to and including 249
AIR 2964 AAA012 HR200-120B 250 and on
AIR 2965 AAA064 HR200-160 Up to and including 330
AIR 2966 AAA066 HR200-160 331 and on
AIR 2967 AAA068 R2100
AIR 2968 AAA070 R2100A
AIR 2969 AAA072 R2112
AIR 2973 AAA074 R2160D
AIR 3000 AAA094 Alpha R2120U 120T-001 and on
AIR 3001 AAA076 Alpha R2160 160A-06001 and on
AIR 3002 AAA093 Alpha R2160i 160Ai-07007 and on

 Service Manuals

Model Alpha P/N Serial No applicable
HR200 AAA078 001 to 378
R2000 AAA079 001 to 378
Alpha R2000 AAA080 160A-06001 and on

Illustrated Parts Catalog

Model Alpha P/N Serial No applicable
HR200 / R2000 AAA081 001 to 378

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